Meet Your Hosts


about2Albert Kutternig, born in Klagenfurt, Austria, and his wife, Gloria, from the Philippines, emigrated to the United States and shortly thereafter acquired ownership of the business. Mr. Kutternig comes from a family of Master Bakers and Master Pastry Chefs. He started his training at the early age of 14 at the family shop in Krumpendorf, a town outside Klagenfurt, capital city of Carinthia, in the southern part of Austria. When he decided to pursue the profession and to become a Pastry Chef, he trained in Vienna, ultimately obtaining his Master’s Degree in Sugar Baking in June, 1981. In the last five years of his training, young Mr. Kutternig worked at the world-renowned Kur Cafe Oberlaa in Vienna under the mastership of Mr. Karl Schuhmacher. Kur Cafe Oberlaa still exists in recognized excellence in Austria as well as in Southeast Asia.

Gloria Kutternig’s influence is noticed in the selection of music by Mozart, Strauss, Lehar and other favorite Austrian composers providing a delightful auditory complement to the dining experience. Mrs. Kutternig’s love of music drew her into a career of twenty years as a ballerina, performing professionally before audiences in Europe, Asia, Canada, Central and South America, and the United States. Indeed, It was in Venezuela where the talented couple met, while Gloria was then principal dancer with the renowned Ballet Nuevo Mundo De Caracas. Well traveled and fluent in four languages, Gloria’s hospitality is genuinely appreciated not only by Konditorei’s local clientele, but international clientele as well.

aboutWith their three daughters, the Kutternigs have settled down in Davis, where Mr. Kutternig continues to practice his masterful skills at their very own Konditorei Austrian Pastry Cafe. The couple made an investment in the year 2000 when they began to build at their current location at 2710 East Fifth Street in Davis. The 3000-square-foot building is architecturally designed to incorporate some historical qualities from Austria. The exterior, for example, is painted Imperial Gold (Kaiser Gelb), to represent the favorite color of the Austrian royal family.

Konditorei offers to its clientele a fine line of pastries and desserts that comes closest to the quality one can usually find only in Europe. On the diverse menu of cakes and pastries are many of Mr. Kutternig’s original recipes, as well as other delights he brought from Vienna. His signature cake is the “Gloria” Mousse Torte, originally commissioned in 1986 by the Hotel Intercontinental, Vienna, during Mr. Kutternig’s tenure there. Viennese favorites include the Sacher Torte, Esterhazy, Krapfen, Apfelstrudel, Topfenstrudel, Palatschinken, Zwetschgenflek, and many more. Early risers can find such treats as cinnamon roll , assorted fruit Danish, croissants and coffee cakes. For the not-so-sweet tooth, ham or turkey and cheese croissants are recommended. The popular spinach with quark cheese croissant is made with the European style cottage cheese. Quark cheese is also used in baking the Austrian Cheese Cake and the Topfenstrudel, which is served warm and enhanced with a special vanilla sauce.

One hundred percent heavy whipping cream, to guarantee freshness, is the emphasis in all of Konditorei’s cream cakes. Fresh fruits, as they come available through the year, are also used. Mr. Kutternig selects the finest line of liqueurs for the cakes — Grand Marnier in his “Layla Torte,” Kirschwasser (cherry brandy) in his Black Forest Cake,  and mocha liqueur in his “Tiramisu” cake. Mr. Kutternig also created his own line of truffles to add to Konditorei’s versatile menu. The exotic flavors of Coruba rum, Grand Marnier, cognac and creme de fraise (strawberry liqueur) are carefully selected to meet the standards of a European confisserie. For special occasions, Kutternig offers the delectable varieties of petit fours which duplicate the dessert buffets found in the Palace of Hofburg in Vienna and in the grand ballrooms of hotels around the world.

Music by Mozart, Strauss, Lehar and other favorite Austrian composers is a delightful auditory complement to the dining experience. In the university town of Davis and its neighboring cities, people of all paths and backgrounds relate to a style of life that’s common in Europe. For them, Konditorei is a haven, a place where nostalgia, tradition and quality are found in one.