Black Forest Cake
Thin layers of chocolate cake with Kirsch Wasser (cherry brandy liqueur), layered whipped cream, cherries and chocolate cream.

Blueberry Strawberry Creme Yogurt
Low fat yogurt mixed with blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream with two thin layers of chocolate cake.

Caramel Cake
Thin layers of chocolate cake with a caramel cream filling

The New “Carina Torte”
Inspired by the original “Carina Torte”. Chef Albert Kuttering has recreated this cake featuring a white chocolate cream incorporated with Kailua coffee liqueur.

Chocolate Nougat
Thin layers of chocolate cake with a chocolate cake with a chocolate hazelnut cream filling, wrapped with a sheet of semisweet chocolate and powdered with unsweetened cocoa.

Chocolate Orange
Two thin layers of chocolate cake with chocolate cream and orange-rind cream filling.

Chocolate Raspberry
Thin layers of chocolate cake with chocolate cream and raspberry cream, topped with raspberry fruit.

Fruit Tart
Bottom crust chocolate coated, a thin layer of white cake, vanilla custard and fruit decoration.

Gloria Mousse
Thin layers of chocolate cake with three kinds of chocolate mousse: white, milk and dark chocolate. Topped with fresh white chocolate shavings.

“Layla Torte”
Three layers of white cake, filled with marzipan cream and chocolate Grande Marnier cream. The cake is wrapped in a sheet of marzipan.

“Liebling Torte”
Another original creation by Albert Kettering, this cake emphasizes the indulgence of fin Corbel brandy and a compelling chocolate cream.

Manzan Verde
Bottom layer of cookie dough crust, layer of Quark cheese (Topfen), top layer of tart green apple cream and raspberries in the inner center to compliment the tartness of the apple cream.

The New “Nina Torte”
Konditorei’s only flourless cake, recreated with a light sour cherry cream top layer and a rich slightly sweetened chocolate cream bottom layer, separated by a meringue almond cake layer.

Sacher Torte
Traditional Viennese chocolate cake with apricot glaze between and around the layers, topped with a special thick chocolate glaze.

Layers of our very own lady fingers (biskotten) dipped in a mocha liqueur and espresso, real “mascarpone” cheese filling. The cake is entirely covered with cocoa powder.

Vanille Cassis
Thin patterned layers of chocolate filled with cassis (black currant) and light vanilla cream, ornate with milk chocolate sheet wrapped around the side of the cake.

Deserts by the Slice

Thin meringue wafers with walnuts and nougat cream filling.

Lemon Tart
Made with natural lemon juice and rind egg yolk and egg white, moderate sugar and gelatin.

Small Fruit Tart
Crust filled with vanilla custard and whipped cream, topped with fresh fruit selection.


Konditorei Truffles

Dark Chocolate Coruba Rum               Milk Chocolate Creme de Fraise

Milk Chocolate Crand Marnier            Dark Chocolate Cognac

Traditional Austrian Desserts

Austrian Cheesecake
A thin crust with a layer of peaches and Quark cheese (Topfen).

“Apfelsturdel” (Apple Strudel)
Made with fresh apples, cinnamon, sugar, raisins and walnuts. Served warm with vanilla sauce or whipped cream.

“Topfen Strudel”
Quark cheese strudel served warm with vanilla sauce.

“Linzerschnitte” or “Linzertorte”
Austrian spice cake with ground walnuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, spice and raspberry marmalade.

Light crepes filled with seasonal fruit, served warm with vanilla and berry sauce.

Deep fried dough filled with apricot marmalade or custard.