Wedding Cakes

Master Pastry Chef/Owner Albert Kutternig has been creating wedding cakes since he was twenty years old. In 1981 he completed his Masters degree in sugar baking in Vienna Austria. His wedding cake creations are defined by the exquisite art of silk sugar and pure marzipan sculptures which include flower arrangements and bouquets, sugar laces and intricate designs in accordance to the colors and themes of individual weddings. Creating and working with silk sugar is one of the most difficult techniques to learn in the culinary profession. It requires time, precision, discipline, creativity and artistry.

As seen in these photographs he has mastered the art much to the delight and satisfaction of wedded couples whose lives begin with the memories of a wedding cake they will never forget.

Konditorei Custom Cakes

Pure marzipan sculptures and design are also offered as an option to any wedding or occasion. His skill and craftsmanship are unparalleled. From baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays or graduations, they capture the very essence of the moment of celebration.

For wedding cake consultation and inquiries, please contact Chef Albert Kutternig at 530-758-1331